Smart tips to protect yourself from digital theft when banking online

Keeping your money safe online is no laughing matter. But with the right precautions, you can ensure that hackers don't get their hands on it! Check out these smart tips to protect yourself from digital theft when banking online.

With the invention of online banking, account access has never been so convenient. But with convenience comes cost - literally!

In 2021 cybercriminals were taking advantage and running away bank accounts like a thief in night - to the tune of 90% increase in "account takeover fraud" and 109% jump for new-fangled “new account fraud". Talk about making it rain cash!

When it comes to online security, bank accounts are the Fort Knox of personal info. Unfortunately, too often people mistake password protection for a sufficient safety measure - only to discover that their hard-earned savings have been hacked into! To avoid this heartbreaking reality altogether, we'll explore some game-changing tips on how best to safeguard your finances from malicious activity. After all there's nothing worse than seeing those zeroes diminish without warning!

The best practices

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Keep away the bad actors and guard your online account with two-factor authentication (2FA)! It's an extra step that takes only seconds, but provides a huge layer of security for your info. Don't fall into the trap of leaving this setting off - don’t be lazy when it comes to protecting yourself!

Keep away from Phishing scams

Banking online? Be careful - the internet can be a dangerous place for your money! Cyber criminals are lurking in email inboxes and on fake website pages, pretending to have low interest credit cards. Or warning you of “unauthorised account activity” with links that look legitimate but could lead to disastrous consequences when clicked.

Scammers are like burglars in the digital age – it only takes a few well-crafted tactics for them to crack your online banking security and swoop away with what's yours. 

Don't take chances - protect yourself from potential phishing scams today!

Use complex unique passwords

Don't make your account security an easy target for cyber criminals! To keep yourself safe, try creating a password that's at least 10 characters long and mixes uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. And don't use personal information - leave those details to the professionals ;)

Be careful with mobile apps

Mobile users beware! An innocent-looking app could be hiding a malicious banking trojan, ready to snatch your wallet info in an instant. So if you're thinking of downloading something, make sure it isn't secretly on the prowl for your financial details…

Public WiFi & banking

Roam public hot spots with caution! Unsuspecting users often become victims to malicious hackers who lurk around and steal personal information, like online banking passwords. Keep yourself safe - your data is too important for any mischievous cyber-pilfering.

Improve your online banking security

Use 2FA

For an extra layer of protection against digital skulduggery, two-factor authentication is you're your online banking account's best friend. Microsoft suggests that a double dose of security can even ward off 99.9% of suspicious login attempts!

Set up alerts

When it comes to the security of your finances, time is money. Don't let account breaches remain unchecked - lock them down quickly! Strengthen your financial foundation by setting up banking alerts: From low-balance warnings to login alerts, you'll be in full control when sudden changes occur.

Use anti-virus and DNS filtering

With the ever-growing reliance on technology, it's more important than ever to keep your PC and mobile device safe - especially since banking is now conducted from our phones. Investing in a reliable antivirus software ensures that you'll stay secure against cyber threats like phishing sites which can be blocked with a DNS filter for extra protection.

Phishing classes are valuable

Protect yourself from becoming a victim of cybercrime by taking advantage of available phishing awareness classes online. Staying vigilant and learning the tricks scammers use can help you take control - don't let them fool you! If your knowledge is still needing an upgrade, contact us for more customised training options to get you up-to-speed in no time.

Get the ultimate protection

Worried about the security of your family online? We've got you covered! Our digital solutions are sure to keep those cyber-threats at bay - so why not give us a call today and get that peace of mind tomorrow.

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