Stop panicking and listen up! Mobile malware has skyrocketed 500%

With mobile malware multiplying at breakneck speed, you could find yourself in a precarious situation. So what's the best course of action? Take security into your own hands—and lock it down tight!

It's time to wise up

Mobile phones have become powerful and pocket-sized computers. Unfortunately, people often don't take the same steps to protect their smartphones as they do with PCs.

Cybersecurity researchers recently revealed an alarming statistic: Mobile malware attacks spiked 500% in early 2022...which means it’s high time we ensured our devices are secure! From passwords and two-factor authentication through encrypted backups - think of your smartphone as a mini computer that needs just as much protection against digital fraudsters looking for easy targets.

The smartphone arsenal:

1. Anti-malware

Your phone may be small, but that doesn't mean it can dodge malware! Protect your mobile from malicious attacks by investing in a reliable anti-malware app. Words of warning though: steer clear of the freebies—they look harmless on the surface, but hidden inside could lurk a dangerous virus waiting to infect you!

2. Download apps with caution

Protect your phone like Fort Knox! Only go to reliable app stores such as Apple App Store, Google Play, the Microsoft Store and Amazon Appstore. Nothing else is worth taking a chance on - malware-laced apps can stick around even when they're gone from your device's home screen. Don't forget: always investigate any developer of an unknown application before you commit to downloading it.

3. Not all email is safe

Phones have made emailing conveniently accessible, but don't let that fool you into a false sense of security.

Though it may be tempting to believe all is safe because you're not at your PC, think twice before clicking on any suspicious links or emails – they could just as easily scam you when viewed through the small screen! For maximum protection against tricky scammers and unexpected malicious content, open those questionable emails up on your laptop instead.

4. The rise of SMS Phishing

Text spam has become the biggest fish in an increasingly crowded pond.

In March of 2022, unwanted text messages rose by a staggering 30% - that's 10% more than what we saw for robocalls! An especially alarming kind of this bothersome junk mail is known as smishing: it's phishing through texts with malicious links and requests for personal information.

Keep your eyes peeled when you're scrolling through those phone updates because if something looks too good to be true or comes from someone outside your contacts list, then it probably isn't worth clicking "open". Smishers are always on the prowl so don't get tricked into their trap; stay vigilant against rising trends like these and safeguard yourself at all times!

5. Do an app cleanse

Do you have any apps on your device that haven't been updated in the last year? Then it's time to take action and protect yourself from potential security threats. With 2.6 million applications out there without an update, hackers are looking for these types of vulnerabilities every day - so make sure yours aren’t one of them!

Delete old or unused apps as a first step, then check how current updates are when using new ones – after all, what good is having the coolest app if it leaves you exposed?

6. Stay Up-To-Date

With updates become a thing of the past, don't risk getting hacked! Keep all phones updated with an operating system that you can trust. Automate as many phone-related tasks and ensure your data is safe by including company devices in managed IT services plans - because hacker proofing should be seen and not heard.

7. WiFi rhymes with VPN

Is connecting to public Wi-Fi worth the risk? Well, if you're trying not to blow through your data plan or are struggling with slow cell reception – it can be a tempting option. But never forget to pair it with a VPN application!

With this extra layer of security in place, those pesky snoopers won't be able see what goes on between your device and the internet - ensuring that digital safety isn’t sacrificed for convenience.

Prevent a data breach

Delay not! There are risks around every digital corner.

Let us help you safeguard it with simple, automated solutions that keep your device safe and secure. Ready to get started? Reach out today - we'll have a consultation sorted in no time!

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